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Create Coin


An experienced team will develop a cryptocurrency of any complexity and type



Blockexplorer is an indicator of honesty and openness of cryptocurrency. We offer two options for creating a block browser - your own blockexplorer and blockexplorer in the common pool.

Wallets(Linux, Windows, Android, MAC)


Development of a wallet for the most common platforms ensures that your cryptocurrency will receive a large number of users and can be used in any field of activity.

Listing Assistance


We are partners of cryptocurrency exchanges and will help you with the addition of your coin to the sites of partners and not only!

Exchange Building


It consists of-
1. Signup and login with
2. Three base markets
3. Trading Pairs Include:
4. Trade
5. Wallets
6. History
7. Admin Panel
8. Landing Page (Information Provided by the client, Designed by us)

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